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  1. Do you except foreign licenses, ORV certificates, or learners permits?
    1. Yes, Absolutely!  In fact, we are the only ATV Rental company in Silver Lake that does.
  2. How do I get an ORV certificate for my 12 year old or older?
    1. Visit and complete the course.
  3. Do you sell and install flags?
    1. Unfortunately we do not so we can give our rental customers 100% of our focus and attention.
  4. How do we get the vehicles to the dunes?
    1. It simple!  We transport you and the vehicles to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and pick you both up when your designated time is complete.
  5. Do you sell the stickers to get on the dunes for personal vehicles?
    1. No. All of our vehicles have proper items needed to get on the dunes.
  6. Are you still able to rent vehicles in the rain?
    1. Yes!
  7. Do you take a security deposit?
    1. Yes there is a 500 dollar security deposit for each Quad rented and 1000 dollar damage deposit for each razor.  If paid by credits card it will return in 5 business days,  Bank/credit card 7 to 10 business days,  and cash before you leave as long as there is no damage.
  8. Do you take reservations?
    1. Yes, to make a reservation we require a complete non-refundable payment.  However, if you are unable to make your original reservation we will try to move your dates/times or provide you with a gift certificate in the full amount good for a year from the date of rental. To make a reservation click the BOOK NOW tab and follow the prompts. FOR ALL EARLY BIRD RENTALS YOU MUST SHOW UP 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR RENTAL PERIOD. THIS WILL INSURE YOU GET ON THE DUNES BY YOUR SCHEDULED TIME AT 9AM. IF YOU SHOW UP LATE IT RESULT IN LOSS OF YOUR OWN TIME. TIME WILL ONLY BE EXTENDED IF THERE IS TIME ALLOWED.